Pallet transfers GA

Pallet transfers for cost efficient transportation!

Pallet transfers are the technology used to move a full or empty pallet from one place to another by the use of conveyor machines. We have all the models of pallet transfer machines available from standard models to chain pallet transfers. We have the standardized pop-up pallet transfer equipment, but it can be easily modified or customized if and when required. Stationary pallet changer can be used to move goods from one place to another without the need of a slip sheet changer as these transfers’ goods directly from a pallet to a pull system or a slip sheet by doing so it enhances the efficiency of the operations and is very less time-consuming.

We provide a complete array of pallet handling conveyors and specialized modules that includes pallet de-stackers and pallet stackers that enables us to provide you services that suit all your warehousing or palletizing needs. We have acquired all the equipment from heavy duty to medium duty model ranges that help us in catering all the weight variations of our clients. We have kept in mind that different customers have different requirements and that is why we have designed flexible equipment to suit customized needs. Our handling equipment can get easily integrated into existing pallet handling systems, and it is adaptable to different pallet sizes for efficient pallet transfers.

Pallet transfers Atlanta key features:

1. Roller pallet transfer modules and chain pallet transfer modules

2. Ability to Fit within standard conveyor frames and Pneumatic lift raises the transfer conveyor

3. Available in multiple variants to allow incorporation with all kinds of chain and roller conveyor systems.

4. Max. Load Rating: 800 kg/ pallet and Max. Loading: 1 pallet per module.

5. It has built-in combined electric and compressed air operation.

6. It is Suitable for standard CHEP/ Losco pallets.

7. Customized pallet sizes available.

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