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What Is The Gainful Importance Of Web Portal Access!

At Prosource Logistics, we are providing customer web portal access service to our clients so that they can see any piece of stock quickly and conveniently from any location. We provide a unique name and password limits access to the web portal to a particular customer’s data and information. Our web portal access services are personalized for every customer to show any data that the client needs. Our customers can print individual web pages or copy and paste the data or information from the screen to other applications. Our web portal is completely integrated with superior warehouse management system to provide up-to-date information about stock placed anywhere in the store.

The customer web portal access, Atlanta GA of our company enables our valuable customers to access their data tenuously from any computer or laptop in the real time. We added the inventory control for every customer that provides a complete warehouse management solution that is more planned, responsive, and integrated. Our web portal is completely in synchronization with our high-tech storage management solution which provides the latest information about inventory from the receiving dock to shipping dock.

The customer web portal access of our company is completely secure for our clients, and it also saves their precious time to find any sock or inventory in our warehouse. It contains the exact information that the customer is looking for and provides accurate results always to make sure data integrity. Each contact with our web portal access has username and password so any other person cannot use it, so it is secure and safe for every client. With a few single clicks, you can take a look at the inventory stored in the warehouse and use the data accordingly. So if you are seeking to get our superior services for web portal access then you can contact us on the following:

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