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Cross Docking & Trans Loading – Which Do You Need?

The primary objective of any supply chain operation is to transport their products directly from the factory to the market as fast as possible. Cross docking & trans loading make this operation not only fast but also prevent to store the product for long-term storage. If you are confused which method is best for you then understand the concepts and definitions of both methods, let’s start: Cross Docking Transportation:

In this method, the goods get unloaded on the docking terminals from the inbound transport vehicles and then again loaded into the outbound vehicles like trailers, trucks, rail, etc. The storage of goods is not required in this procedure of delivery and distribution.

So the benefits are:

  • No need for product storage.
  • Saves Transport Costs.
  • Simplifies Inventory Management.

Drawbacks of this Method are:

  • Require significant coordination and planning to avoid delivery delays and effective implementation.
  • Costs both time and resources.
  • For cross-docking operations, significant volumes of goods are always required.
  • Trans Loading Operation:

    In Trans loading operation the transport of goods needs more than one mode of transport. It is mainly used when one mode of transport is not enough to deliver the goods from the factory to the destination point and can take to deliver products more than one day. For instance, a truck directly loaded from the factory and then followed by an airplane overseas, and then again gets unloaded on the docking terminal and then gets loaded again to the truck or trucks again.

    The benefits of Trans Loading:

    • Eliminates expensive and unnecessary land transportation
    • Eliminates the need for a distribution center
    • Trans-loading helps you avoid costly LTL shipping to eliminates LTL costs
    • Helps inconsistent business growth
    • Increasing customers

    Drawbacks of Trans Loading:

    • High risk of damaging goods.
    • The threat of stealing goods.

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