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The full form of ASN is advanced shipment notice. It is an electronic data interchange message we send to the receiver of the products or goods before departure of the consignment from our warehouse. The advanced shipment notice includes complete information about the delivery. The message includes the details of the shipment with the date of delivery and also contains a description of the products inside. We are also providing services for blind shipments. With our blind delivery services, we can send the order directly to the customer with the identification of the companies. In the blind delivery order, we paste a packing slip on the disposal which includes company logo and contact information. The shipping label also includes the name and address of the company who sends the order to its customer. We are providing the services for ASN or blind shipments on behalf of the enterprises that are providing online shopping facilities to consumers.

Our services of ASN or blind shipments Atlanta GA are very beneficial for the companies as they can keep fewer inventories in the stock and also keep a positive cash flow cycle. Our process of blind shipments also supports fast delivery times as the seller does not have to wait for the products or goods to arrive from the company only. It also reduces the risk of any loss or damage because it requires very less handling. ASN or Blind shipment is a commonly used practice in the supply chain management, and it is important when the seller does not want the shipper or consignee to know the name of each other and also want to control the procedure of shipping. A shipment can also become double-blind shipment when the sender does not know that where the shipment will be delivered.

At Prosource logistics, we always offer ASN or blind shipments services to the seller and consumer with the guarantee of fulfilling specific needs and requirements. So, if you want to get our services in Atlanta GA, then you can contact us through our phone number and can also visit our official website to take a look at our services and clients reviews for our quality shipment services. By getting our services, you will surely get 100 percent satisfaction.

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