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If you haven’t used intermodal transportation to ship your company’s freight, then you’re missing out on a truly cost-effective way to do business. Multiple studies have shown that intermodal transportation cuts down on shipping costs by up to 30% – and in today’s economy, those savings can make all the difference in running a profitable Atlanta business.

So what is intermodal transportation – and how can Pro Source Logistics, LLC provide you with comprehensive and competitive intermodal transportation?

Intermodal transportation is the term used to describe a freight shipping process that utilizes air, land, and rail transport. From the shipping yards to the company’s front door, a multitude of freight forwarding and international shipping methods will be used to get your freight to its final destination faster.

While it seems as though intermodal transportation would be more expensive, the truth is that it cuts down on the amount of gas needed for transportation. Additionally, intermodal transportation has been shown to be more environment-friendly – and that’s a big plus for Atlanta businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint!

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When it comes to intermodal transportation, don’t let your business success rest on the shoulders of anyone else but the best. After all, your customers depend on receiving their products in a timely manner, especially in today’s fast-paced society.

Whether you need to ship your products an hour outside of Atlanta or to the other side of the world, Pro Source Logistics, LLC will ensure that your freight arrives safe, sound, and right on time.

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